April 18, 2015

Homework Help: algebra

Posted by Lydia on Sunday, May 13, 2007 at 11:28am.

Can someone please help me with these problems? Please and thank you.

1)Solve the equation:

2)Simplify the complex fraction:

(1/x)+ [x/(x+2)] = 1
Convert left side to the sum of fractional terms with common denominators.
[(x+2) + x^2]/[(x+2)x] = 1
x^2 + x +2 = x^2 + 2x
x = 2

I don't see anything "complex" about the fraction in (2). It would just be (9/4) / (1/4) = 9. Are you sure there were not some "i" (square root of -1) terms in the fraction? That would make them "complex numbers".

1)What did you multiply the left side by?

2)That is exactly what the problem is like.

okay, for the first one then you get x+2+x^2=x^2+2x

then you subtract x^2 from the right side and you get


then what?

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