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The table shows the depth (d metres) of water in a harbour at certain times (t hours) after midnight on a particular day.

Time t (hours) Depth d (m)
0 3.0
1 3.3
2 4.2
3 5.6
4 7.2
5 8.2
6 9.0
7 8.9
8 8.1
9 7.3
10 5.6
11 4.3
12 3.5
13 3.1

Use the regression facilities on your calculator to fit a sine curve to these data. Choose the one option which provides the best fit model (with coefficient rounded to 2 significant figures).
A) t=3.0sin(0.49d-1.6)+6.0
B) d=3.0+6.0sin(0.49t-1.6)
C) t=2.9sin(0.48d-1.5)+6.0
D) d=3.0sin(0.49t-1.6)+6.0
E) d=2.99sin(0.49t-1.60)+6.04
F) d=6.0-3.0sin(0.49t+1.6)

Can anyone help me please. I may be d??

This is not a fair question for this forum.
In order to help you, I would have to have the same programmable graphing calculator as you do, and would have to be familiar with the procedure to use that particular function.

I do not.

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