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I am supposed to type out a report, but our Microsoft Office Word program is messed up somehow. I have the letters set to Times New Roman size 8... but they're HUGE!!!!!!!! So big I can only fit about 5 sentences on a page. Also, at the end of every line, there is a weird backward P with the circle at the top of the P filled in with black. Finally, there is a dot in between every word I write! I don't know what to do, please help!

First of all, you have the show-all-characters option turned on. At the top of the screen, in the top toolbar (if you have more than one visible) there should be the symbol for the paragraph editing mark (backwards P, etc.). Click on that mark and the dots and other stuff should disappear.

Now check the percentage of "zoom" there is. There should be a little place near or next to the paragraph mark where a percentage is given. Make sure it is set at 100%, not larger.

Let us know if these things help.


Also, at the end of every line, there is a weird backward P ...

At the end of every line?? There should be one of these at the end of every paragraph, but not at the end of every line.

If that mark truly does show up at the end of every line, it means you are hitting the Enter key whenever you think the line should end. Stop doing that! Word will "wrap" the lines around automatically, to fit inside the left and right margins you've set.


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