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Scholarship money

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Does anyone know a good website where I can compete for a scholarship(NOT a college one)? Like a site where you have to write a poem or an essay or do something like that where a load of kids compete for a scholarship?

I have to tell you frankly, most contest sites on the web are looking for personal data they can sell: Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. The offer a potential "prize" for one of the entrees. Then your junk mail fills up for years. Avoid online "contests".

I know, I've been on loads of sites and I get really excited and think, "yeah, you know? I can win this!", but then you click around and they start asking for tons of information, most of which I am rather reluctant to give because of my age and the people out there in the world today.

So, basically, I'm trying to find a site or an organization or anything where I can get a scholarship by doing something, such as writing an essay...

Does anyone know of such a site or organization that I can check out that is good?

Please help, thanks,

You can look these up by going to and entering essay contest scholarship and see what comes up.

Be VERY careful, though; I think Bobpursley is absolutely correct. If you're going to try for any of these, be sure to go only with known-reputation sites ( and, for example).


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