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I was looing over this question and the answer I got was not correct, I noticed that somone already posted this question up before but maybe if I provide the answer I could get an understanding of the steps.

@462degrees the reaction
heat + 2NOCl <=> 2NO + Cl2
has an equilibrium constant, Keq = 8E-2
What is Keq at 462degrees for the reaction?
the answer I have is Keq = 12.5 how did they get that

and in continuation what is the Keq @ 462degrees for the reaction
NOCl <=> NO + 1/2Cl2?
the answer provided again is 0.283
please write me the steps so I can understand.

Here is what you need to know.
For the reaction
2A + B2==> 2C and K = 10.

Then for the reaction
A + 1/2 B2 ==> C it is just sqrt 10.

For the reaction
4A + 2B2 ==> 4C Keq = 10^2 = 100

For the reaction
2C ==> 2A + B2 it is 1/10 = 0.1

In other words, the Keq for the reverse reaction is 1/Keq.
Keq for 1/2 the reaction is Keq1/2
Keq for the double of the reaction is Keq2

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