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Posted by Jill on Friday, May 4, 2007 at 7:52am.

I need help with this question:

Which of the following would be best
for you to do if a parent lingers in
the classroom on the first day after
their child has become happily engaged
in some activity?

1. Suggest to the parent now is the
time to say good-bye to their child.

2. Ask the parent to join the child
in her activity.

3. Allow the parent to stay as long as
they wish.

You wouldn't suggest to the parent now
is the time to say good-bye, would you?

Wouldn't #3 be the most appropriate

I'd go with #1. The child is obviously engaged, and the parent needs to allow the child to develop this next step in independence.

Others may disagree, but that's what I'd do.


I think it depends upon the age of the child and whether this is a small preschool class or a regular kindergarten/first grade class. I'd let the preschool parent stay and suggest a kindergarten parent leave.

Tell momma it is time to go. Be firm. YOu can never teach kids, and keep attention focused on you and learning with moms in the room.

Double ditto....both mom and babes need to become more independent <G>

I am confused- my text says:

Allowing a child to decide when
parents should leave the room-
may help the child to experience

My text also states:
A parent can help a parent leave.
Example-"Mrs. Smith since Jane's
starting to play, it might be a good
time to tell her good-bye."

My text also states: The best policy
seems to be one that allows parents to
stay as long as necessary and helpful
to the child.

Should I still go with #1 - suggest to the parent now is the time to say good-bye to their child.

I need help

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If the child is busy and happy, then there is no reason why the parent should not leave the room.

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