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Chemistry (metals)

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I had a problem in which I had to work out the standard enthalpy of formation for MgBr(s)…assuming it exits. I've done that using various bits of given data and got a value of –93.5kJmol^-1…not sure if the actual answer is relevant to my question. Anyway, how can I decide what implications my answer will have on standard entropy of formation and the standard Gibbs function of formation of MgBr? My data book gives me values for MgBr2 but not MgBr. Essentially I'm trying to decide if MgBr(s) will be stable with respect to metallic Mg and liquid Br. Any ideas?

There is no compound MgBr.

I am aware of that MgBr doesn't exit. The question is hypothetical. I worked out my answer above using hypothetical information. I need to know if my hypothetical reaction is stable or doesn't matter.

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