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swimmers often notice that when they start to swim in a still body of water after a hot sunny day the surface water is warm but the deeper water is cold.
why this happens?explain.
(is it that the heat of the sun can only heat up the surface of the water?)

swimmers often feel colder when they get out of the water even if the temperature of the air and the water is the same.
why is this?and why is the effect more noticeable if there is a breeze?

please help!

OK, I have 2 examples that might help you to understand... about the warm surface/ cold under, think about the ocean... the first few inches or so is warm, but the deeper you get, the colder it gets. It's the same with a pool; It's because there is so much water that it's hard for the sun to heat it up quickly.
As for the other example: You know how when you're playing a sport, you sweat? Then that cool breeze comes in and you feel better? That's how it is with when you are wet. Because of the water being so cold under the surface, your body gets used to that temperature... so when you get out, you still feel cold... Does that make any sense?

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