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Thallium (I) iodate is only slightly soluble in water. Its Ksp at 25°C is
3.07 x 10-6. Estimate the solubility of thallium iodate in units of grams per
100.0 ml of water.

TlIO3(s) <==> Tl^+ + IO3^-
Let x = molar solubility of TlIO3.
The x is molar solubility of Tl^+ and x is molar solubility of IO3^-
Ksp = (Tl^+)(IO3^-) = 3.07E-6
Plug in and solve for x.
Post your work if you get stuck.

A small correction here.
x is in mols/L. You want to change that to grams/100.

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