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So I was given this question that I havetried to solve multiple times but I just can't get it. Here it is[it's a long one!]

Nitroglycerin is a shock-sensative liquid that detonates by the reaction: 4 C3H5(NO3)3 -> 6 N2 + 10 H20 + 12CO2 + 02

Calculate the total volume of product gases at 224kPa and 266(celcius) from the detonation of 2.4 lb(1088.6g) of nitreglycerin. Answer in Liters


I would like to see your thinking. You have to be making s catchable error, the solution is straighforward.

Notice that for each 4 mole of nito, you get 29 moles of gases. So figure how many moles 1088.6g is.

Then, V= n RT/P where n is 29/4 times the moles of nitro you started with. Remember T is in K

ok I got it thanks so much. I was getting the V=nRT/P wrong. Thank you so much

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