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Homework Help: algebra word problem

Posted by TAMMY on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 11:36am.

A small company produces both dollhouses and sets of doll furniture. The dollhouses take 3 hours of labor to produce, and the furniture sets take 8 hours. The labor available is limited to 400 hours per week, and the total production capacity is 100 items per week. Existing orders require that at least 20 dollhouses and 10 sets of furniture be produced per week. Write a system of inequalities representing this situation, where x is the number of dollhouses and y is the number of furniture sets. Then graph the system of inequalities

I am little confused but this what i am thinking this problem means
am i doing this right please let me know

First of all you need inequations, not equations

your first one is 3x+8y ≤ 400

The production limit of 100 items would translate to
x+y ≤ 100

at least 20 dollhouses ---> x ≥ 20
at least 10 furniture ----> y ≥ 10


How do you graph this?

how about math work word problems

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