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Homework Help: Art Appreciation

Posted by Charlene on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 11:18am.

Choose three examples of Roman engineering (any combination of public works and/or private houses) and provide the following information:

Describe the item, including how it stands (arches, columns, vaults, free form, etc.).
I need help with this question! What construction materials were used?
Where is the item in modern Italy or outside of it?
What was its purpose?
Who primarily used it?
How is the public work/private house decorated? Do these decorations include words, or are they mostly pictorial?

Not sure which part you're stuck on. So....

Some examples of Roman Engineering:

Information on arches:

On columns:

On vaults:

Free Form:

As far as what materials were used, you have to decide on your 3 examples first. Same with whether it is in modern day Italy or not.

The purpose can be helped in the first link I gave. Those that primarily used it...again...depends on what structures you are thinking about.

The last question should be self explanatory. But if you need an image of it, try this link:

Good luck!

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! phuooxcwtve

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