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Art Appreciation

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Choose three examples of Roman engineering (any combination of public works and/or private houses) and provide the following information:

Describe the item, including how it stands (arches, columns, vaults, free form, etc.).
I need help with this question! What construction materials were used?
Where is the item – in modern Italy or outside of it?
What was its purpose?
Who primarily used it?
How is the public work/private house decorated? Do these decorations include words, or are they mostly pictorial?

Not sure which part you're stuck on. So....

Some examples of Roman Engineering:

Information on arches:

On columns:

On vaults:

Free Form:

As far as what materials were used, you have to decide on your 3 examples first. Same with whether it is in modern day Italy or not.

The purpose can be helped in the first link I gave. Those that primarily used it...again...depends on what structures you are thinking about.

The last question should be self explanatory. But if you need an image of it, try this link:

Good luck!

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! phuooxcwtve

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