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As a gas is compressed in a cylinder...
1. The distance between gas molecules _INCREASES________
2 The number of gas molecules _REMAINS THE SAME________
3. Its volume _INCREASES________
4. Its pressure _REMAINS SAME________
5. Its density _DECREASES________
6. Its mass __REMAINS SAME_______

am i right?

2 and 6 are ok. You need to rethink the others. Let's be sensible about this.
For #1, let me give you 50 people and you put them in a room. Now let's say that the walls can move in the room and I start moving the walls closer together. When I have moved the walls so that the dimensions of the room are only 1/4 as large, do you think the people will be closer together or farther apart. True, the number of people stay the same but because the size of the room has become smaller, the people MUST get closer together. Same thing with molecules. Now rethink the others. For density, remember d = mass/volume. The mass remains the same but the volume is smaller so the density will be ??

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