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Was monotheism a genuine introduction by Islam or was it an old idea borrowed from other cultures?

Monotheism was around long before Islam. The Christians and Jews are Monotheists.

Monotheism, although there is debate over whether there were likely Monotheistic religions before this, is generally believed by most experts to be started with the Jewish Faith.


Akhenaten was an Egyptian pharaoh who was "notable for attempting to single-handedly restructure the Egyptian religion to monotheistically worship the Aten." He may have been contemporary with the early Hebrews, but he certainly pre-dated Christians and Muslims.

Interesting discussion. Not a place for debate on it, but you definitely get 2 views here.

So what's a good student to do? Research both answers and come to your own conclusion with evidence. I could argue what I think well. I could take Writeacher's post and argue against it (or for it). But in this forum, it's our job to present you with different ideas and say "go for it and argue it however you like. Just make sure to back up what you say with evidence."


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