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Homework Help: Geology

Posted by Desmond on Sunday, April 29, 2007 at 8:42am.

1b - I have to draw a cross section showing the relationship with gabbro cutting across sandstone and schist with schist being the oldest.

1c - I have to write a brief geological history of the region starting with the oldest events.
200 words.


I'm saving that question until last. I'm still stuck on radiometric dating! Any ideas to point me in the right direction? It's gonna be a late night tonight!

im stuck on both of these aswell so i will be watching for the replies aswell

Hol & Bex

I'm really stuck on q1 parts b&c as well, I think Q2b is something like this:

U238 decays to Pb at a known rate, if you know the ratio of Pb you can estimate the elapsed time since U was placed in the sample of granite - I think this is all that is required for this answer.


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