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Homework Help: math

Posted by Don on Friday, April 27, 2007 at 6:52pm.

I need help with
write the equation of the line which contains the point (0,negavtive 3),
or written ars(0, -3)

and whose slope is 4.

if you want the equation in the form
y = mx + b

sub in -3 for y, 4 for m, and 0 for x
-3 = 4(0) + b
so b = -3

equation: y = 4x -3

We could have noticed that (0,-3) is the y-intercept and have directly into

y = 4x - 3

using the formula, y - (-3) = 4(x-0)
so y + 3 = 4x
y = 4x - 3

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