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Homework Help: bartlett hill,math

Posted by kadeisha on Thursday, April 26, 2007 at 8:23am.

add the like terms together.a+b+a+2b

Okay. Well, the questoin says to add the like terms together, that means add the A's together and add the B's together.


Alright, so your a's and your first b don't have a number in front of them. That means the coefficient is one. So it's the same thing as


Now, since its addition, you can move the order of the equation without changing the meaning. Put the a's together and put the b's together.


Now add the coefficients.

1+1=2 so 1a+1a=2a
1+2=3 so 1b+2b=3b

Now your answer would be

get it?

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