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If you squeezed all the air in a large living room into a small, lightweight box, you would have a hard time trying to lift it true or false
Volume of room is 125 meters
2.2 pounds per meter
8x10 box

I think this is true because you have alot more air in the room than you could fit in the box so you know it would be heavier

Well, the weight of the air is 2.2lbs/m^2*125m^2= 275lbs.

IF....the density of air given was correct as 2.2 lbs/m^3. In reality, it is about 1.3kg/m^3, or about 2.86lbs/m^3. So the weight is more than 275 lbs.

Um, ok but I still think that it is true

Missy. If the air is in the room, and then compressed to fit in the box, there is exactly the same amount in the box as was in the room. The weight of that air is more than 275 lbs, regardless of the size of box it is put in.

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