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Homework Help: Math--Volume and Surface Area

Posted by Emily on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 9:11am.

The volume of a cube is 125 cubic inches. Find the surface area.

I know that the volume formula is V=Bh where v=volume, B=area of the base, and h=height. How do I get the surface area though?

The surface area of a cube is 384 square cm. Find the volume.

I think it's basically the same problem. So far, I know 384=Ph+2B, the surface area formula. I don't know how to find the variables though.

The surface area of a cube is 6a^2
a = the length of a side.
It's the area of the 6 squares that cover it.

The volume of a cube is the length of one side cubed.

So let's look at the first example.

125 cubic inches = volume
Let's find the length of one side.
The cube root of 125 is 5.

So one side is 5" long.
So you have 6(5^2)

Multiply it out and see what you get :)

Can you use those formulas above and different information to figure out the second question?

Think it through rather than rely too much on 'formulas'
In a regular cube all sides are equal and all faces are squares.

first of all if the volume is 125, then each side must be 5
(5x5x5 = 125)

Aren't there 6 faces, each a square 5 by 5??
so the area of each face is 25 square cm, there are 6 of them so..
the total surface area is 150 cm^2

In the second part, reverse your steps.

384 is the area of all six faces, so each one is 64 .........

how do you draw a picture with cubes and then have the volume of the pictures


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