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Posted by kelly on Monday, April 23, 2007 at 3:22pm.

Which statement BEST describes the mood of the continental congress in May 1775?

a. few delegates wanted a formal break all ties with britian.
b.most delegates wanted to break all ties with britian.
c.A majority of delegates believed that war with britian was inevitable.
d.most delegates believed that the british king would repeal the tolerable acts.

How did washington change his inlistment policy during the revoultion? allowing free african americans to join the continenal army
b.bu allowing all african americans to join the continental army. allowing enslaved african americans to join the continental army refusing to let any african americans join the continental army

please help. questions the the rev. war

This site will give you the answer to Washington's policy on African American soldiers.

This will help you with the Continental Congress question.

Please help I have been waiting for a while now.

sorry about that one I most have been typing this while you where answering. Thank you.

You received a response in less than an hour -- at the same time you posted this message.

Please remember that everyone who answers questions on this board is a volunteer and tries to help students when we have a little spare time. Although we'd like to answer all questions within a few minutes, that often is not possible.

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