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Hi, I posted yesterday with this lab question.

"Calculate the molar amounts of NaOH used in the reaction with the HCl solution and with the HC2H3O2.

I think I got the answer to that with the help that I received. I had 5 mL of HCl, and I was using .100 M NaOH, so I got 5x10-4 mol of NaOH for that one. now for #2...

"Calculate the molar concentration (molarity) of the HCl solution and the HC2H3O2 solution."

Would I divide the 5.0x10-3L and divide that from 5.0x10-4L?

L x M = mols
0.005 x 0.1M = 5x10^-4 mols NaOH.
That is the mols HCl, too.
L x M = mols HCl
Plug in L and mols and calculate M.

Thank you very much! :)

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