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A rotating door is made from four rectangular glass panes, as shown in the drawing. The mass of each pane is 85 kg. A person pushes on the outer edge of one pane with a force of F = 63 N that is directed perpendicular to the pane. Determine the magnitude of the door's angular acceleration in rad/s2.

The distance from the drawing is 1.2m.

* Pls don't say u'll critique my work cos i've tried and failed. I need a solution. It's not homework, but i need to understand this for a test coming up.

Again, model the door as a beam rotating about one end, four of them attached at the center.

Idoor= (4)(1/3 mL^2) where 4 means four doors connected at center pivot, ant 1/3ml^2 is the inertia for each door swinging on the end.

F*l= Idoor*alpha

alpha= Force*L /(4/3 ml^2)

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