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word problems in algebra

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A square has sides of length 3x - 2 cm. Express the area of the square as a polynomial.

would i write this as
3x-2cm^4 because there are foru sides

sorry post went before i was done
polynominial confuse me
after thinking about what polynomial is suppose to represent one or more summed terms, i am assuming the 3x and the 2cm are the summed terms if i am not getting the understanding right please tell me

polynomial simply means "many or several numbers", poly is Greek for many

one side is 3x-2
the area of a square is (side)x(side) or (side)^2

so all they want is (3x-2)^2

  • word problems in algebra - ,

    for polynominial complete the following table -8x^4+5x^3-7x^2+4x-1

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