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Posted by jasmine20 on Friday, April 20, 2007 at 4:54pm.

how do i convert

-2.25 into a fraction?

OK, if dis is a calculator question, den all u gotta do is follow the steps...

1. Type into calculator -2.25 and press the equals button.

2. Press the Shift button

3. Press the button dat has ab/c

And dis should giv you a fraction

You can think of this in two parts.

-2.25 has numbers before and after the decimal.

Before the decimal, you have -2. Just leave that like it is.

After the decimal, you have 25. This is the part that really needs converted. To do that, let's look at the names of the places after the decimal:

.x = tenths
.0x = hundreths
.00x = thousandths


Since there are 2 numbers after the decimal, you are dealing with hundreths. There are 25 hundreths.

Take the fraction 25/100

So the answer (there is one more step) is

-2 25/100

25/100 = 1/4

So you have
-2 1/4


pa kabar

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