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last physics problem.

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At 25.0 m below the surface of the sea(density=1025 kg/m^3) where the temperature is 5.00 C, a diver exhales an air bubble having a volume of 1.00 cm^3. If the surface temperature of the sea is 20.0 C, what is the volume of the bubble just before it breaks the surface?

You have two things here, temp and Pressure.


where condition1 is starting, condition2 is at surface.

Pressure at surface is one atm.
Pressure at 25m below is 0ne atm + pressure of weight of water above. To get the pressure at depth ..

P1= one atm + heightwater*densitywater*g

Change your temps to Kelvins. really sorry
but i don't understand anything you're telling me.
I don't even understand where to start on this problem.

I left out V2


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