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Homework Help: Trig

Posted by Kate on Monday, April 16, 2007 at 7:51pm.

solve to four decimal places

1.3224sinx + 0.4732=0 :for all real x values

solve for sinx, then arcsinx.

solve for sinx, then arcsinx.

so its sinx= -.4732/1.3224
and i get -.36594 but how do you get the other values for a real x

Ok, use your calculator. Sinx is negative in the third and fourth quadrants.

from my calc: arcsinx=-20.967

Now the thinking part.

x= 360-20.967 + n360 will give all those angle.
but the other one is
x= 180+20.967 + n360 for the other ones.

thats how you find degrees right? i need to find radian. which is x+2kpi so all i have to do is -.3659+2kpi.

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