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Posted by key on Monday, April 16, 2007 at 9:39am.

Do any of you think that spontaneous combustion is possible?

If a reaction brings about an increase of entropy (increase in randomness) and also exodermic, then a reaction is spontaneous. Right?

Yes, I think spontaneous combustion is possible. It happens.

Yes, if delta H is negative and delta S is positive, then delta G is negative for all temperatures and the reaction is spontaneous at all temperatures.

How about spontaneous human
combustion...some of the
theories seem far fetched but
how can you explain some of
the strange accounts of this
happening to people?

I don't know exactly what you are suggesting. If you are suggesting that somehow humans suddenly erupt into smoke and flame due to spontaneous combustion:
a)no, I haven't heard of any such thing.
b)I don't believe it is possible without the aid of kerosene/gasoline and a match or some such reaction, and that isn't the definition of spontaneous combustion.
c)I am unaware of explanations, far-fetched or otherwise, or of any strange accounts.

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