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physics - waves

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Two sinusoidal waves, identical except for phase, travel in the same direction along a string producing a net wave y'(x, t) = (1.5 mm) sin(29x - 4.0t + 0.960 rad), with x in meters and t in seconds.

(a) What is the wavelength of the two waves?
I found the wavelength to be 0.22 m.
(b) What is the phase difference between them?
I found the phase difference to be 2*0.960 rad which is 1.92 rad.
(c) What is their amplitude ym?
I can't figure out the amplitude though, I tried .5*1.5 mm = 0.75 mm but it is not. Any suggestions???

The amplitude is 1.5mm. Why did you divide it by two.

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