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Homework Help: Nutrition

Posted by Patty on Saturday, April 14, 2007 at 10:55am.

Can you help with this question?

Dietay assessment can provide useful
information about:

A. a child's eating pattern

B. physical symptoms of nutritional

I am confused with this question because I thought clinical assessments
provided information on physical
symptoms of nutritional deficiences.

Would a dietary assesment provide
useful physical symptoms of nutritional deficiences or provide useful information on a child's eating pattern? Would the correct answer to the question be: A or B?


A dietary assessment is just ONE Of four parts of a clincial assessment. The clinical assessment focuses on B, the dietary assessment on A.

so the correct answer to my question would be: (A) a child's eating pattern?

Did you read the information at the link Bobpursley provided??

Please read (or reread) it and rethink your answer.

Let us know what you come up with.

a child's eating pattern

Read the response from yesterday:


That is the best answer here. What a kid eats, and when is the dietary assessment. The nutrition assessment (in a clinical setting) consists of the dietary assessment, and three other assessments as in the link. We are what we eat to a large extent.

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