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Homework Help: Physics please check

Posted by Mary on Friday, April 13, 2007 at 10:17pm.

Please tell me where i went wrong.

During an all-night cram session, a student heats up a one-half liter (0.50 10-3 m3) glass (Pyrex) beaker of cold coffee. Initially, the temperature is 19C, and the beaker is filled to the brim. A short time later when the student returns, the temperature has risen to 90C. The coefficient of volume expansion of coffee is the same as that of water. How much coffee (in cubic meters) has spilled out of the beaker?

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Physics - bobpursley, Friday, April 13, 2007 at 10:08am
Wouldn't you use the volume coefficent of water, and compute the new volume? I will be happy to critique your work.

delta V = (coeffiecient of volume expansion of water)(volume of coffee)(change in temp)

delta V = (207e-6)(0.5e-3m^3)(90deg C-19 deg C)

delta V = 0.000007349 m^3

delta V = (0.5e-3) - 0.000007349

delta V = 0.000492651

delta V = 0.000007349 m^3. That is how much the coffee expands. That is , lets see, 7.3 cc. I think that is what the problem is asking.

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