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Posted by Amanda on Friday, April 13, 2007 at 9:31am.

The line graph below shows the number of stray dogs in a certain city for the years listed
the bar graph shows the years
1998 5 stray dogs
1999 2 stray dogs
2000 6 stray dogs
2002 8 stray dogs
2003 9 stray dogs

Between which two years did the greatest decrease in stray dogs occur?

looking at the line graph the only decrease i seen was from 1998 to 1999 and from 2002 to 2003 which two years do i put down how do i figure out the amount of decrease

There is no decrease in 2002 to 2003.

i am sorry the 2003 was 4 stray dogs

The greatest decrease was from 8 dogs to 4 dogs. Now the greatest percent decrease was in the 98 to 99 years. I have no idea which one is wanted.

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