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Homework Help: Elem. Ed.

Posted by Keisha on Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 2:01pm.

I posted this question yesterday,and
am still confused. Can someone please help?

Which is one of the best ways teachers
can help chldren deal with stress:

1.Applying proper behavior management


2. Providing soothing and relaxing
hands-on activities.

My textbook sates, "to councel them in
appropriate behavior management techniques."
But, my textbook also states,
"to provide progressive management
techniques,and provide relaxation
activities."(such as make-believe,let's
pretend,books and stories,movement activities,art activities,dramatic play,
using music for relaxation).

With all this said would the correct answer be 1 or 2. I am thinking
the correct answer is 1, but not sure.
Please help!!!!

Appropriate behavior management techniques would include teaching a child to hit a pillow rather than a classmate when he's angry.

I still think 1 is the best answer.

In the light of what your book is saying, I would put down both answers and cite the book and page and even line if needed.

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