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THe directions state:
(A)Complete the table, (B) describe the resulting graphs by identifying the vertex point, (C)the graph’s direction, (D) and any axis intercepts gleaned from the table or graph

Problem #3
Equation : y = 2x^2

My answers:
A) Table:
(-2, 8)
(-1 , 2)

B) Vertex (0,0)
axis of symmetry x = 0

C) The graph direction is Opens upwards since it have a positive x^2 coefficient

D) Axis intercepts is only one (0,0)

Problem #4

Equation : y = x +1

A) Table:
(-1 , 0)
B) There is no vertex or a symmetry line

C) Direction of the graph is: increaing on the right and decreasing on the left
D) axis intercepts : (-1,0) and (0,1)

all correct.

thank you.

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