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Homework Help: Algebra,Math, graphs help

Posted by jasort20 on Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 4:43pm.

This is what the directions state to do:
(A) Complete the table,(B)describe the resulting graphs by identifying the vertex point, (c) the graph’s direction, (d) and any axis intercepts gleaned from the table or graph.

Problem #1
Equation is : y = -x + 1
so These are my answers:
(A) Table : (i am going to give it in corrdinate points)
(-1 , 2 )
(B) There is no vertex & no axis of symmetry.
(C) The direction fo line is increasing on the left and decreasing on the right.
(D) Axis of intercepts are : (0,1) and (1,0)

Problem #2 (same directions as one)

Equation: y =x^2 -4x

(-1 , 5 )

(B)Vertex (2,-4)
axis of symmetry x = 2

(c) The direction of the parabola opens upward because the coefficient has a positive x^2.

(d) Axis intercepts are : (0,0) and (4,0)

all correct.

thank you bobpursley

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