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High Rise Worksheet

Mr. H. Y. Perbole- Mr.Ridge, we have a serious problem. The summer heat has caused the mile-long bridge you built for us last fall to expand 2 feet in length. This matter needs your immediate attention. Since the bridge is only supported at the end point, the bridge has buckled. The buckle is over 50 feet high!

Mr. B. Ridge- It sounds as if you're exaggerating again, Mr. Perbole.

Mr. H. Y. Perbole- Believe me, this time I'm not.

Mr. B. Ridge- Ok. provide it to me and I'll be over.

Question- Is Mr. H. Y. Perbole exaggerating? Why or why not? Approximately how high is the buckle? Show how you calculated your answer.

If it expands 2 feet, (assume it is a right triangle) then the hypotenues is half mile+ 1 foot, the base is half mile.

height= sqrt ([5280/2+1 ]^2 - [5280/2]^2)

height = sqrt (2641^2 - 2640^2)
Wow. Check my ciphering.

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