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When teachers discuss the elements of
art with students, they may say which?

1. "That's so pretty."
2. "I like that picture."
3 "What's that?"
4. "What strong lines your drawing has."

wouldn't the correct answer be #4?

Number 1 isn't very specific or visual. Pretty could mean several differnt things, and the word "pretty" doesn't have to be in every form of art. There are several different works of art that you wouldn't consider "pretty." It also wouldn't be considered an element of art.

Number 2 is a simple matter of opinion. You can't argue with an opinion; everyone has something different to say about something else and each person who has an opinion believes their's is true.

Number 3 doesn't say much; it has nothing to do with anything. It's basically saying either "Wow, you don't know how to do art," or "What's your input on this piece of work?"

Number 4 gives a visual and describes what you've drawn. Strong can mean in contrast or in value.

I would pick Number 4. Hope that helps! Sorry if it was too much info for a simple question. I have the tendancy to do that. =)

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