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Physics, still don't get it!

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Good morning. I know I have posted this question several times but I am still getting the wrong answer. So I decided to repost it to get a fresh start.

Thanks for your help!

A glass bottle of soda is sealed with a screw cap. The absolute pressure of the carbon dioxide inside the bottle is 1.95 x 10^5 Pa. Assuming that the top and bottom surfaces of the cap each have an area of 4.75 x 10^-4 m^2, obtain the magnitude of the force that the screw thread exerts on the cap in order to keep it on the bottle. The air pressure outside the bottle is one atmosphere.

Force + atmospheric pressure*area=inside pressure*area

force= (insidepressure-atmosphericpres)area

force=(1.95E5N/m^2 - 101E3 N/m^2)4.75E-4m^2= ?

I never saw anything wrong with your work.

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