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Posted by John on Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 12:17am.

1. The question is: List the like terms in the following group of terms.
7z, 8yz^2, 9y^2z, 3yz^2, 5yz^2, 9y^2

I Listed them as follows:

-8yz^2, 3yz^2,5yz^2,9y^2z, 9y^2, 7z

2. The next question asks: List the terms of the following expression.

3r^2 2r 8

My answer: 3r^2, 2r, 8
(I'm not sure what to do here but i tried)

If someone could correct my answers it would be appreciated.

1. You need to group "like terms" together. They are terms that are either all constants, or which have the same exponents for both x and y. In this case, the only like terms are
-5 yz^2, -8 yz^2, and -3yz^2.

"Like terms" can always be combined in an algebraic expression.

2. You are correct on that one.

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