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I asked this question yesterday and it was answered, but I still have a question on it.

Standard entropies for substances are defined at a pressure of exactly 1 bar in some books or exactly 1 atm(760 torr) in different books. For gases, this correction factor would be..... in J/molK? (Answer must be exact to 6 sig figs)

Answer is in format 0.xxxxxx (the x's are numbers)

What does it means by correction factor?

The answers I was provided by bobpursley were not in J/mol*K... instead they were just conversions... is that what the question is asking?

The question above further asked if this would apply to solids and liquids, and the answer is 'no'.


No, the question is looking for how pressure affects entropy. For free energy,

g' =go</sub) + RT ln P' where P' is the change in pressure (ratio).

If you divide g' by T, that is entropy, so the change in Entropy will be R lnP'.

You need to confirm has been a long time.

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