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I don't understand Newton's second law:
Net Force = Mass x Acceleration

I don't understand what this says. Does it mean that the higher the mass, the more force it takes to move it the same distance as a lighter mass or something?


The equation, F=ma, is just a mathematical equation that makes good sense. More force is required to move more mass. More force is required for faster acceleration. Less mass requires less force and less acceleration requires less force. Think of it in these terms.
Is it easier for you to move a 1 pound rock or a 100 pound rock. Of course it is easier for you move the smaller rock because it has less mass, You don't grunt nearly as hard to move the small rock. Same for acceleration. Is it easier to move a 25 lb ball 1 mile per hour or to move a 25 lb ball 50 miles per hour. Think about it.

You're close. It means, the higher the mass, the more force you have to apply to create the same ACCELERATION

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