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Posted by Fidelia on Sunday, April 1, 2007 at 6:00pm.

Does this sentence make sense?:

A highly informative book, Marc Aronson wrote Witch-Hunt Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials.

or does it make it seem as though Marc Aronson is the highly informative book (which he's not)?

Thanks for the help!

can u write it like this..."Marc Aronson wrote, a highly informative book, Witch-Hunt Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials."?

sure, it's just that the other one seemed to fit smoother

In the first sentence, there is a dangling modifier. Is Marc Aronson a highly informative book??

In the second sentence, the first comma needs to be removed.


You could also move the introductory phrase to the end of the sentence:

Marc Aronson wrote Witch-Hunt Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials, a highly informative book.

Also ... if Witch-Hunt is the main title and the rest is a subtitle, you should have a colon after Witch-Hunt.



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