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Chromium is electroplated from an aqueous solution containing H2SO4 and H2CrO4. What current is required to deposit chromium at rate of 1.25g/min.

1.25g x 1mol/51.9961 = .0240mol
Now I just don't know how to figure out the number of electrons to do the rest of the steps

What is the oxidation state change in Cr starting in H2CrO4 to Cr as the element? That tells you how many electrons per Cr atom were required.

Is it 6 ?

If it is 6, then it should be

1.25g x 1mol/51.9961 = .0240mol
.0240mol x 6 mol e- =.144
.144mol e-/60sec x 96500 = 232

6 is correct.
232 WHAT? The number is ok. What unit?



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