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Posted by jasmine20 on Wednesday, March 28, 2007 at 2:26am.

Can someone show me how to solve these types of problems. i have two that are driving me of now.

Problem #1


2radical(12) + 4 radical (27)

Problem #2

evaluate if possible the following

i am going to describe it

in the index it has a 3 then a radical and for the radicand it has negative 27

can't help sorry

I hope I have understood the question.



4radical(27)= 2radical(3x2radical(3))
adding the two


taking 2radical(3) out as a factor


Does this help?

for 3radical(-27)

3radical(27) would be 3 [3x3x3=27)
3radical(-27) would be -3 (-3x-3x-3=-27)

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