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Posted by Kat on Monday, March 26, 2007 at 10:28pm.

What Occurs as a salt dissolves in water?
the number of ions in the solution increases and the freezing point decrease
the number of the ions in the solution increase and the freezing point increase
the # of ions in the solution decrease and the freezing point increase
the # of ions in the solution decrease and the freezing point decrease

You need to tell us what you think the answer is and why. It would save time for you and us.

However, the formula I gave you for the previous problem will work here.
delta T = Kb*i*molality

it is either the first one of the last one
i am thinking more the last on though

I made a typo in my first response. I should have written
delta T = Kf*i*m

delta T = lowering of freezing point.
Kf = the freezing point constant, which for water, is 1.86.
i = # dissolved particles
m is molality.
Think through this formula with EACH of the answers and logic will tell you which is correct.

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