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I assume the poster was trying to type "oblique asymptote"

from your answer of 3x+2 + 7/(x-1) we can conclude that there is an oblique linear asymptote of y = 3x + 2, and a vertical asymptote at x = 1 for the original function given.

how do u find obblique symptotes? i know its long division but how do u divide something like 3x^2-x+5 divided by x-1? please help me... thanks!

I don't know what an oblique "symptote" is, but you to polynomial long division the same wau you do it with numbers.

The first term of (3x^2 - x + 5)/(x-1) is 3x. Multiply that by x-1 and put the product under the dividend, and subtract. You'll get 2x + 5. x+1 goes into that 2 times, but there will be a remainder. The answer will be
3x + 2 + 7/(x-1)

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