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Posted by jasmine20 on Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 11:20pm.

i am up to this point in my problem but i don't know what to do next with it can someone show me.

Directions: Simplify by combining like terms

x radical(18) minus 3radical(8x^2)

these are the steps that i've done so far.

= x radical (2*9) -3radical (2*4*x^2)
= x radical (2) * radical (9) - 3 radical (2) * radical (4) * radical (x^2)
=x * radical (2) * 3 - 3*radical (2) * 2 * x
from here i do not know can someone help me finish.

You are so close

=-3x√2 or -3√2*x

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