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From this equation, how many glocose does the human body consume ineach minute? If gram per mole is 180.16. The human body needs at least 0.0103 mole O2. Equation

C6 H12 O6 + 6O2-->6CO2 +6HO2

How many glucose what? grams? moles? tons?
Mext, the human body needs at least 0.0103 mols O2 per what? per minute? per hour? per day? per year?

0.0103 mole O2 every minute. Therefore, what mass of glucose does the human body consume in each minute?
2. What mass of glucose does the human body consume in each hour? Please I need this now. I am just checking the posting area.

Give me a minute or two. I'll do it before I shut down for the night.

Here is how you do a stoiochiometry problem.
Step 1. Write the balanced equation. You have done that except you probably meant 6H2O instead of 6HO2.

Step 2. Convert what you have to mols. Actually, you already have that in the problem that we have 0.0103 mol O2 (that's per minute) but we will get to g glucose and you can change then to suit yourself.

Step 3. Convert mols O2 to mols glucose.
0.0103 mols O2 x (1 mol/6 mols glucose) = 0.0103 x 1/6 = 0,.00172 mols glucose.

Step 4. Convert mols glucose to grams glucose.
mols x molar mass = grams.
0.00172 mols glucose x 180.15 g/mol = 0.3093 grams glucose.

So if that is the consumption of oxygen per minute then the body consumes 0.3093 g glucose per minute. Multiply that by 60 minutes to get an hour and by another 24 to get a day.

I'll stick here another few minutes until you let me know that's ok.
Check my arithmetic. Check my work. Speed causes errors and typos are easy to make in a hurry.

Prof. I appreciate it. I don't even know how to thank you. I was using the wrong idea. But you finally put me on track.

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