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Determine the concentration of each type of ion in O.100M solutions of each of the following compounds.
a. KBr
b. Rb2S
c. CuCl2
d. Mg(NO3)2

If someone could just even explain what they are asking for and how to do the problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

The idea here is that these are ionic compounds and they produce a variable number of ions in solution depending upon the particular kind of molecule. For example,
KBr ==> K^+ + Br^-
Since 1 mol KBr produces 1 mol of K^+ and 1 mol of Br^-, then the concentration of K^+ is 0.100 M and the concentration of Br^- is 0.100 M.

For Rb2S.
Rb2S ==> 2Rb^+ + S^=
1 mol Rb2S ionizes to produce 2 mols Rb^+ and 1 mol S^=, so 0.100 M Rb2S will produce a solution with a concentration of Rb^+ of 2 x 0.100 = 0.200 M and the concentration of S^= will be 0.100 M. The other two are done by the same process.

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