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I need help with these problems can someone show me how to solve them step by step.If anyone has time i appreciate it.

Problem #1
Geometry. The length of a rectangle is 1 cm longer than its width. If the diagonal of the rectangle is 4 cm, what are the dimensions (the length and the width) of the rectangle?

Science and medicine. The equation
h=-16t^2+112t gives the height of an arrow, shot upward from the ground with an initial velocity of 112 ft/s, where t is the time after the arrow leaves the ground. Find the time it takes for the arrow to
reach a height of 180 ft.



diagonal^2=length^2 + width^2
16=l^2 + (l+1)^2
solve for l

On the second, put 180 onto the equation , getting
16t^2 +112t - 180=0

or use the quadratic equation
I would divide by four to simplify it.

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