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General chem lab

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This involves Enthalpy of Neutralization: A student determined the calorimeter constant of the calorimeter. Using a plotted line. The student added 50ml of cold water to 50 ml of heated water in a Styrofoam cup. The initial temperature of the cold water was 21 degree C, the temperature of the hot water is 29.15 degree C. The maximum temp. of the mixture was found to be 24.81 degree C. Assume the density of water is 1.00g ml^-1 and the specific heat is 4.184 J g^-1 K^-1. Determine the change in T for the hot and cold water. If I get this wrong, the next 12 questions on the lab are wrong! HELP

You don't have any unknowns to solve for.
The temperature of the cold water changed from 21.0 to 24.81 and the temperature of the hot water changed from 29.15 to 24.81. So what's the question?

I was confused because of the wording of the problem, 24.81 is the maximum temp., so do I assume that is the FINAL temp. therefore using the formula
Change in Temp = Tinitial - T final?
I know this sounds trivial, but I'm just not sure?

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